Tuesday, January 08, 2008

You don't burn your sacred heart just like that



Anonymous said...

Russia & Serbia says Kosova will never be allowed to join the UN.

Well there is a way around that problem. Kosova can join up with Albania that is already a UN Member, thus instant membership in UN.

In your face Russia/Serbia

owen said...

Finally managed to watch this, the sound plug was in the wrong socket. Given that the Yugoslav Army (reference to tanks) were involved we shouldn't assume that the people who lived in those burning houses had necessarily chosen to destroy their homes.

Hopefully life is a lot rosier today for the family from Novo Selo.

Anonymous said...

To this date, how many Serbian soldiers have gone on trial for burning these homes? It's a crime of arson, after all.

Andrea said...


Anonymous said...

Fito deri 400$ ne dite