Tuesday, July 24, 2007

US mulling US-EU 'coordinated' Kosovo independence

This is how it should work out. 

After pressing for a long time for Kosovo's independence, the United States for more than a month has been threatening to sidestep the United Nations in its quest to free the Albanian-majority province from Serbia.

Now it feels its own support and that of the European Union will grant Kosovo enough legitimacy to declare its independence unilaterally, aides to Rice said.

Source: US mulling US-EU 'coordinated' Kosovo independence - Yahoo! News

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Eyeing independence

Normally, it would be Ferik at balkanupdate.com who would have The Economist articles, however it seems that his blog has been defaced by an "Al Ninja" who has posted an anti-US and Israeli message.   

Anyway, here's the Economist article discussing the moves Prishtina might make in the coming months. It's interesting that Ceku and Surroi favor a 2007 deadline, whereas LDK and PDK (the last one normally speaks for the restless KLA veterans) have refused to agree on a deadline.

Whether Washington will give its blessing on this initiative is an important indicator. In times of uncertainty, Kosovo leaders know to get as lost as a deer caught in headlights.

US Ambassador to Belgrade says 2007 will be decisive. Let's see what Secretary Rice will tell Team Unity when they meet her on Monday in Washington. Whatever message they get, they should remember good old Robert Gelbard, who back in 1998 told a scared/pacifist Rugova, "what are you waiting for, Superman?"     

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B92 - “Serbia overrates Kosovo’s importance”

According to the U.S. ambassador, Kosovo would attain supervised independence by the end of the year, adding that even if it would come as a disappointment to Serbian government, he hoped it would be able to accept the fact and turn to the future.

Source: B92 - News - Politics - “Serbia overrates Kosovo’s importance”

Kosovo's long path to autonomy - The Boston Globe

In 1999, the United States was lauded for preventing what happened in Bosnia from happening in Kosovo. Today, the Bush administration can win praise for championing Kosovo's legitimate national aspirations. Supporting Kosovo's independence is not only consistent with America's time-tested promotion of democracy. Doing right by Kosovo's mostly Muslim population is also in America's interest.

Source: Kosovo's long path to autonomy - The Boston Globe

BBC | Kosovo Serb refugees lament fate


"Independence might bring a bit of stability. People say Kosovo is Serbian but if it really was, why are we living in this refugee camp?" says Ivan Milic, 24.

Source: BBC NEWS | Europe | Kosovo Serb refugees lament fate

Wednesday, July 18, 2007



I am back after a long and well deserved break. There hasn't been much new to say anyway. Russia did say no to the resolution proposal last week, but that was for the fifth time. Russian stance is that whatever Serbia does not accept, neither will Russia. That's when the diplomatic smart asses came up with the idea of Prishtina and Belgrade discussing without a time-frame resolution.

Another smart ass proposed (ahem, didn't propose but would not stand in the way either) ceding northern Kosovo to Serbia in exchange for independence. Little does he know that that route would be an open invitation for reopening a series of other conflicts in the Balkans.

It would be foolish on the side of Russia to think that it can block independence. But it has its own points, and it has made them. One key thing that is missing from the discussion about Russia's motives, though, is  is the original one, that it wants its satellite territories to be able to have a UN recognized independence of its own through some kind of horse trading with the West on Kosovo later on. This would mean Kosovo declaring independence without UN approval, as have the satellite territories already done.

This is where Europe has gotten totally obfuscated. It need not be. It seems that Russia is willing to allow for EUMIK to replace UNMIK. If that's possible, let's get that done so at least the money keeps flowing. Then Prishtina will announce independence according to the plan explained in the video below and the major European powers will recognize that independence. Can we move on now?

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