Thursday, January 03, 2008

Bradt Travel Guide to Kosovo

The following comes from Geil Warrander, one of the authors of the first travel guide dedicated solely to Kosovo.

Bradt guides has just produced the first ever English language travel guide dedicated solely to Kosovo. Bradt are one of the world’s most respected guide book publishers and already have guides to other places  in the region - Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Albania, Hungary, Macedonia and Montenegro and City guides to Belgrade, Dubrovnik, Budapest and Llubijana.

The Kosovo guide is more than 240 pages long

19 maps including detailed town maps of Prizren, Gjilan, Gjakova, Mitrovica, Pristina x2, Peja and Decan and walking maps of Germia and Zubin Potok

walks in Strpce, Dragash and Zubin Potok

everything you wanted to know about tekkes, Kosovo historical figures, monasteries or hammams but couldn’t find anyone to ask

more than 150 restaurants, bars and cafes with opening hours, addresses and phone numbers!

more than 60 hotels

where you find working mills, ethnografic and energy museums

markets, festivals…

Gheg and Serb language glossaries

Our aim is to

- encourage internationals in Kosovo to spend more time and money there and invite their parents, family…

- persuade the diaspora to take their kids to places they haven’t seen and also spend more time in Kosovo

- bring in backpackers and pass through tourists

- encourage internationals, Macedonians, Albanians and the other neighbours to visit Kosovo

- prepare for the wider tourist market.

As a result of the guide the Kosovo tourism potential has already featured in The Times Newspaper and had a spot in Wanderlust travel magazine and was also on Yahoo news.

The authors are internationals who each lived in Kosovo for more than 4 years.

We are putting Kosovo on the tourist map. We’d like your suppport to promote the guide to  visitors of your web site. It makes a great souvenir, Christmas gift and education for your kids.

Those people in Kosovo can obtain copies from or tel 038 248 342 or 044 115180 and ask for the book. We can deliver to your door at less than amazon prices. We are also selling the other Bradt guides.

Outside of Kosovo you can order the book on Amazon (US, Canada, Germany or UK web sites) , or


Jeff said...

Thanks suggesting this book. I'll be looking for it.

warchild said...

You're welcome, Jeff. Watch out for a post coming soon with recommendations on some tools you can use to improve your Albanian.

Jeff said...

I'll be looking out for the language tools. I can always use the help.

Anonymous said...

do u really think that Kosovo have a single chance of developing any kind of touristic activity? Who on earth would go for vacations in a place that is violence and so contaminated with radioactive Uranium, except for KFOR?

Warchild said...

Are you sure your name is not Jovan Jovanovic or something?

Chris said...

I'm certainly interested in picking up a copy of this book, as I've been meaning to visit Kosovo for a few years now. A good guide will make all the difference.

Anonymous said...

I'm not heading to Kosovo on vacation, per say, but I'm sure going to slip in some travel time. The Bradt guide is detailed - and inspiring!

Phill said...

I visit Kosovo quite frequently. In fact, I spent the greater part of this year in Pristina. It is certainly a hot-spot to visit.
I also noticed several Western European tourists there, and no, they weren't of Albanian descent.
Going out in Kosovo is relatively cheap and affordable. Food in Pristina is delicious in almost every restaraunt you go to. I recommend Kosovo to almost everyone.
Except Jovan Jovanovic, here.

bath mate said...

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bath mate said...

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Grattan said...


Did anyone get their hands on a copy of the BRADT Guide to Kosovo ?

I am living in Mitrovica and would love to hear from anyone with a copy.


Anonymous said...


Reseacher said...


A.SH. said...

Got you...