Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Kosovo: Is EU Set To Recognize Independence?


Kosovo: Is EU Set To Recognize Independence?

By Patrick Moore

Kosovo -- graffiti for independence, Prishtina, 21Nov2005

Graffiti in Pristina that says: 'No Negotiations -- Self-Determination'


October 26, 2007 (RFE/RL) -- Some recent German media reports suggest that Germany and a critical mass of countries within the European Union are prepared to recognize an independent Kosovo if the current round of Belgrade-Pristina negotiations do not produce an agreement. The talks end on December 10, after which the Kosovar leadership has said it will declare independence if no deal is reached.

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Anonymous said...

Fortunately 1244 states that Kosovo is part of Serbia. Hope your country ( = Serbia! ) will join EU soon! You are welcome!

warchild said...

Why are you Serbs so doubtful about the ownership of Kosovo? If what you are saying is true, why do you have to state it 6 times within a couple of minutes?

As far as 1244 and Serbia, can you provide the direct quote where 1244 mentions Kosovo being part of Serbia?

Anonymous said...

1244 clearly states that Kosovo is part of Yugoslavia. Serbia is successor state of Yugoslavia :)

Hey, there are Autrians in Italy, Germans in Belgium....

Accept it. Get a life!

And I am not from Serbia :)

warchild said...

Montenegro was part of Yugoslavia as well. Not anymore. If something is made of parts, it can be broken into parts.

1244 also states through its reference to Rambuillet Agreement that the status of Kosova within Yugoslavia would be up for consideration in the future. That's happening now.

That's as far as laws are concerned. On the moral aspect of it, why should we respect the sovereignty of a state that attempted genocide on 2 million "of its people," revoked Kosova's autonomy, and invaded Kosova in the first place?

You understand this is more of a rhetorical question to make you think than making the case to Serbia or a Serb. We do not believe that Serbia or Serbs have the legal and moral right to decide on any issue of our life. Our only debt is to the NATO countries that saved us, mostly the United States.

Anonymous said...

Come on. If we follow your statemens the West should have recognizes Tibet 40 years ago?

Why not intervention in Kurdistan? Rembember the 10.000s of deaths there?

And let's not forget that the Albanians started killing police men in 1999...

WARchild said...

Anonymous coward above this comment,

Failure to do the right thing in one case doesn't imply that doing it the next time is wrong.

Albanians that were killing police were only rebelling against the occupier. They tried other means and it didn't work. In such cases, as some dude from the American revolution said, rebelling is not only a right, but a duty of the citizen.