Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Kosovo u Srbiji?

Negotin says resolutely yes.


ariel said...

to ASKAKOSOVARR: if you speak albanian, can you trranslate this? thank you - I think it is an italian or albanian newspaper. It says "itali" on it and that is where i got it.-

6.5 milione veta votojne per president. I moderuari Tadic, prane fitores - Serbia ndahet nga Milloshevic.

I think that is albanian, i dont know, it may be serbop-craot, sorry.

WARchild said...

6.5 milion people vote for president. Moderate Tadic, close to victory - Serbia seperates from Milosevic.

It's Albanian. Slightly too optimistic one might add.

Anonymous said...

"Iron Carl" explained how cut Serbs.

Excerpts from the book of ex-Hague Tribunal Prosecutor Carla Del Ponte, whose withdrawal should take place only a third of April, has already been the cause of the scandal.

Former prosecutor Hague Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY), Carla Del Ponte, whose hostile attitude towards the Serbs for many years formed the West's negative perception about them, suddenly razotkrovennichalas. The book "Hunting: I and war criminals" in paints narrates how facing now in power independent Kosovo people earning huge money, selling internal organs recovered stolen from the Serbs.

According to the newspaper "Izvestia", in relation to the facts mentioned in the book in Serbia initiated criminal proceedings on the abduction of the summer of 1999, some 300 Kosovo Serbs and transporting them to Albania for the clandestine trade in human organs. If the data are confirmed in it, breaks out loud international scandal.

The direct control over these crimes, in the spirit of the Third Reich, coordinating the actions of a network of concentration camps and clandestine laboratories, in which people died in terrible pain, were leaders of the Kosovo Liberation Army. One of its leaders, Hashim Thaci, called Snake, now holds the post of Prime Minister of an independent Kosovo.

This man has always been considered a war criminal in Serbia. In his account dozens of atrocities, which are courageous fighter for the independence of harassment over the Serbs in Kosovo. However, because of the strange circumstances of the Hague Tribunal is always more interested in Belgrade's "crimes".

Former District Court Judge in Pristina, Danica Marinkovic in the process against Slobodan Milosevic in The Hague has repeatedly tried to give evidence that the Kosovars involved in the trafficking of organs from living persons forfeited. She said that the UN mission in Kosovo (UNMIK), which then headed by the current Minister of Foreign Affairs of France, Bernard Kouchner, prevented the investigation of the disappearance and abduction of people in the province.

The UN Mission in Kosovo totally rejects these accusations, "Kommersant reported." UNMIK representative Alexander Ivanko categorically stated: "I deny it, because we have always cooperated with the Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia". However, if the Serbian investigators will be able to find confirmation listed in the book, Carla Del Ponte reported breaks international scandal.

Same Del Ponte and Florence Artman, helping her in the years suggests that the UN administration, under whose jurisdiction in the province for many years continued to destroy Serb Orthodox churches destroyed and prevented attempts to appeal to the Albanians to justice. In an interview Artman said that it is the UNMIK officials have not provided "iron" Carle sue Albanians in connection with the disappearance of people and trade in donor organs.

As Del Ponte, already in 1999, it has sufficient information on the killings of Serbs and the sale of their organs. Chairman of the Union of families missing Kosovo Serbs Simo Spasicha said that he himself met several times with Carla Del Ponte and sent her abduction and destruction of evidence of Kosovo Serbs in concentration camps. But even after, in 2003, the prosecutor personally visited the crime scene in the town Burel in the north of Albania, in the house where the removal of organs, she did not give the cause of the course - although, by her own admission, there were traces of blood and medical equipment.

Former Justice Minister Vladan Batic said that if Mrs Del Ponte described in her book - though it is "the most atrocious crime since the time of Dr. Mengele", and it should not be for the Serbian and the Hague for justice. And Del Ponte also must be held accountable for what hidden from justice egregious facts heinous crimes, thus becoming, complicit.

Carla Del Ponte = Dr. Mengele

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Andrea said...

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Acai said...

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