Tuesday, November 13, 2007

New Kosova Report

Dear Friends,

I will cease blogging here for an undetermined time. The reason being something bigger and better in the works over at New Kosova Report.

Our goal is to make NKR the central place for news and opinion on Kosova status, politics, society and the economy for international audiences. The project came as a result of our realization that it is easy to remain indifferent to the fate of people that you barely know or understand.

NKR welcomes those that might want to share their thoughts on Kosova and its people - just drop me a line.

Happy blogging,


Owen said...

Thanks a lot for all the effort you've put in. I'm sorry you're giving up because a personal blog is something quite different from a group enterprise and I've enjoyed seeing your personal take on the situation in Kosovo as it's developed. Best of luck.

warchild said...


I am not giving up, at least not until independence. I am taking my work to New Kosova Report because of a larger audience. Still I will try to maintain my blogging style and directness over there as well. While I try to differentiate between my thoughts and those of the general public in Kosovo, having more Kosovars talk aobut Kosova will provide a more complete picture. Things that I can't post there, will fall back here, like this bussiness offer I recieved from Accra today:

from patrick ansah pat.ansah@voila.fr
to pat.ansah@voila.fr,
date Nov 13, 2007 8:20 AM
subject pls i need your urgent reply
mailed-by hotmail.com

Dear Sir,
With full corporate responsibility under penalty of Perjury, I want to ask your personal assistance and co-operation as I propose hereunder:

I am the Manager of International Commercial Bank, Kaneshie Branch in Accra, Ghana and I got your contact during my search for a reliable, honest and a trust worthy person to entrust with this transaction. I was introduced to the late Yugoslavian President, Mr. Slobodan Milosevic during the Kosovo war in 1999 and when he confidentially deposited 450 Kilograms of Gold Bars and the sum of USD$2,550,000.00 in a fixed deposit account with my branch.

Unfortunately, Mr. Milosevic did not leave any beneficiary for this deposit and that made it impossible for us to contact any of his Family to claim the Fund. Then I decided to move the fund into a suspense account without beneficiary and find a Partner in who can assist me to withdraw this deposit as beneficiary/depositor. I have already submitted an audited approved end of the year Report for the year 2006 of my branch to our head office at Makola Shopping Mall here in Accra; this excess will never be discovered.
As an officer of the bank I cannot directly claim/withdraw this money, but I want to use you as Front to claim the fund legally. Thus I am impelled to request for your assistance to receive this money into your bank account. I intend to part 40% of this fund to you while 60% shall be for me. I do need to stress that there are practically no risk involved in this transaction. The transaction will be a bank-to-bank transfer and I will apply for my annual Leave so that i can travel to meet you once transfer is confirmed into your account.

I will send you detail arrangement of the procedures that we shall apply to legally transfer the fund into your bank account, when I receive your confirmation. Your timely response will be appreciated and you can call me on Cell phone: +233-277-191-044 anytime.
Sincerely Yours,
Patrick Ansah

Anonymous said...

Good to see more info on the Serbian province.
Hope Kosovo, as part of Serbia will join the EU soon!

Greetings to Serbia (and its part: Kosovo)

Anonymous said...

Everyday is a step closer to reintegration of Kosovo within Serbia.

Welcome home! You are part of Serbia!

Anonymous said...

kosovo de facto is free
all are waiting de jure.
the people in kosovo are albanian and the people of serb are sllave. they are different....they language are different.....the serbs doesn'nt want kosovo. they want a kosovo without albanian. that is not possible. free and only free there is no other way.in 1999 they make the same think that hitler make to the jaw. shame on you serbs.

Anonymous said...

So then why should Northern Kosovo stay in Kosovo? Then at least let the North stay in Serbia!

By the way: why do we, the West, fight for Kosovo and not for Tibet, Taiwan and Kurdistan!??

Anonymous said...

By the way: Montenegro was a REPUBLIC. Kosovo was just a PROVINCE.... That IS a difference. You may not like that, but that is the case.

You are a Serbian citizen. Learn to love your country Serbia. And join the EU soon.

Greetings from Holland to the Serbian province of Kosovo! :)

Mendo said...

Not very long till our INDEPENDENCE COMES I cant wait for that..

Ps: Kosova was never serbia will never be serbia

Greeatings to Holland form the Republic of KosovA

WARchild said...

"By the way: Montenegro was a REPUBLIC. Kosovo was just a PROVINCE.... That IS a difference. You may not like that, but that is the case."

Sure, it also was an equal partner in the federation with veto rights, rotating presidency, it's own debt, territorial forces and all. Serbia illegally revoked the constitution of "its" province creating anschluss.

"You are a Serbian citizen. Learn to love your country Serbia. And join the EU soon."

Actually, go ahead. We'll meet you in Brussels.

"Greetings from Holland to the Serbian province of Kosovo! :)"

You are a Dutchman as much as I am a Serb.

P.S. There you go again, restating what you claim is obvious over and over again, as if you wanted to create a reality out of fresh air.

Anonymous said...

Sorry guys, but I am really from Holland. I am not Serb, not Albanian.

But I love Serbia. I love Kosovo. I love Albania.

But I also love international law...

Let's not break international law for Kosovo.

You must give up things! The Serbs must give up things!

Good luck to everyone in your part of Serbia!

By the way: your football team (national team of Serbia) is doing fine. I like them! When the ever win a Cup hope there will be a big party in Pristina!

Owen said...

I thought that what really got the ball rolling was a pretty substantial disregard for international humanitarian law.

I'm delighted to see that the entrepreneurial initiative of the late Mr Slobodan Milosevic lives on in Accra. Distressing to know that Mr Ansah is unable to contact The Former First Family in order to restore their due inheritance to them. Warchild, I hope that you're able to help Mr Ansah resolve his distressing dilemma. And I'll try and visit NKR as well.

Anonymous said...

Regional elections in a Serbian province!

Good luck!

Hope Serbia (including Kosovo of course!) will join EU soon!

Anonymous said...

I made a mistake. Your football team is playing tomorrow. Not tonight.

Tomorrow: Serbia - Kazakhstan

Hope all Pristina pubs are loaded with Kosovars cheering for their Serbian national team!

Warchild said...

Listen Serb "from Holland,"

If you keep being annoying like this I will have to block you. If you have something substantial to say, go ahead say it. Otherwise stop being annoying and go work instead of spamming around while abusing the social assistance of your host country.

Anonymous said...

I am not a Serb. I am a fullblooded Dutchman.

What I said was NOT to make you feel angry or sad.
I was serieus: Kosovo IS part of Serbia. Kosovars should accept that.
Serbs and Albanians must live togehter, work togethr, party together. And yes: play football together.

We do not need new states or new borders. Please join European Union as soon as possible.

Lots of love from Holland!

Anonymous said...
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Owen said...

Warchild, I suggest it's better to let fatuous comments stand as a memorial to your readers' tolerance and patience with the views of people living on other planets.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Zemljani said...

Косово је Србија!!!
Kosovo is Serbia!

Anonymous said...

It's about time to recognize the historical right of Kosova to have its destiny fulfilled-That is full independence. Kosova never was a Serbian province. It was there, since the times of birth of European civilization, a very distinct Dardanian/llyrian identity. Always populated by Dardanias who, although under constant pressure of forcefully migration by Serbian shovinism, Tito's Yugoslavia & Milloshevic's Serbia, still make up 92% of the population. Serbs always have been a minority there. We know that Serbs appeared in Balkans (then llyria) only by the 6th Century AD. They have always been a minority and 'the story' of Kosova being the Heartland of Serbia is just a pure Serbian nationalist fantasy. Facts Speak Louder Than Words and Serbian’s Lies Will Collapse by Themselves. Serbs always have been considered as oppressors there, not just by Albanian majority, but also by other ethnic groups too. Serbs just occupied Kosova during the rise of the Serbian nationalism early 20th century from Ottomans, who by then were loosing the Balkans after 500 years of occupation. Now Kosova should be Free!

Anonymous said...

niggaz and bitches,riders and punks, KOSOVAAAAA FOR LIFEEEEEE
kosova was considered as part of serbia by force and overly authorized but u could never see that in our eyes,, we saw it as part of its own and so it stood to be these days,,, UA HANGSHA ZEMREN SHQIPETARVE KREJT, fuck serbia

Anonymous said...

It is the time for a new good start.
1 - Serbian minority in Kosova should have no less rights than Albanian in Serbia, but Nothing more.
2 – Stop dual parallel governments in Kosova and in North Mitrovica.
3 - Ask Serbian Government to pay, at least 7 billion Dollars, for 190,000 destroyed or damaged homes, and for families of more than 10,000 killed by the Serbian army and Serbian Paramilitary.
4 -The Ahtisaari plan was not approved by the UN and was rejected and never accepted by Serbia. The Ahtisaari plan was rejected and void by Kosovars too, with the declaration of the independence. Therefore, it’s null and void. Don’t let anyone to put this “PLAN” on the table again. This plan is nothing more than an “UTOPIA”. It didn’t work and newer will work again.
5 – If you won’t stand up for your land and your rights, everybody will play with you.